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Upcoming Lockdown Drills at Elementary, Middle Schools

Dear District 44 Families,

Over the course of the next few weeks, each one of our schools will be conducting our state-mandated law enforcement drills in accordance with the Illinois School Safety Drill Act. Recently, the law changed requiring these drills to be conducted on school days when children are present. Previously, these drills were conducted with staff during times when students were not in the building. We wanted to be sure we communicated with you understanding this may be the first time many of our students have participated in a drill such as this.

Part of the legislation requires these drills be performed under the supervision of police. Therefore, you will see an increased police presence around your school on the designated day of their drill. We want to be sure you are aware of this as to not cause alarm or concern should you see police vehicles at your student’s school.

Because these drills must be conducted in collaboration with police, there are windows of time in which they will take place, but we do not share exact dates as they could be subject to change. Additionally, a communication will go home immediately following so our families are aware the drill has taken place.

Students will be notified in advance that this is a drill and we will discuss the purpose of the drill in an age-appropriate way that helps our students understand the need without causing additional alarm.

It is unfortunate that we live in a time where these types of exercises are necessary for schools. However, we appreciate the support of our local police to review our procedures and ensure we are prepared.


Ted Stec